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NutraSense ChitoSense with LipoSan Ultra is back in stock!

ChitoSense™ customers can rejoice now that it is back in stock! ChitoSense Made Exclusively with LipoSan Ultra® is the premier brand for natural weight loss. Compared to conventional chitosan, the key to LipoSan Ultra’s superior performance is its extremely rapid solubility in stomach acid and its subsequent ability to bind with substantially more dietary fat, including free fatty acids and bile acids. There is no need to take this product hours before mealtime, as it begins working instantly. The bound fatty materials are shielded from further digestion and passed through the digestive tract as waste without being absorbed by the body. This action is both natural and safe, unlike some other diet aids and prescription drugs that can alter or suppress natural body functions.

Each capsule contains 375mg of LipoSan Ultra, with a suggested serving size of 3-4 capsules at mealtimes with at least 8 ounces of water. We recommend taking twice a day with meals, and fat-soluble vitamins and supplements be taken roughly 4 hours before or after. This is a clean, non-GMO product and contains nothing other than LipoSan Ultra.

ChitoSense with LipoSan Ultra® is clinically proven to:

·Begin working instantly to reduce fat absorption and limit calorie intake

·Bind with 3 to 5 times more fat than other chitosan brands

·Improve digestion & help prevent inflammatory diseases

·Reduce detrimental fermentation in the colon and promote gut health

·Modulate colonic microbiota, hence considered a beneficial prebiotic

·Contribute to the maintainance of normal blood Cholesterol levels

·Safe, natural and effective for long-term dietary treatments

LipoSan Ultra® is a patented chitosan fiber made from wild shrimp shell sourced in the pristine waters of the North Atlantic Ocean by Primex. Primex is an Icelandic marine biotech company and a global leader in sustainable supply and manufacture of pure chitin and chitosan products. The combination of high quality marine raw materials and a unique processing technology allow Primex this status. To assure product safety and quality, all stages of the manufacturing and handling process are monitored with HACCP quality control, and several analyses are performed throughout production with Certificate of Analysis issued for every final batch of product produced.

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