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ImmunoSense and Probiotics
By James R. France for the NutraSense Company - August 8, 2008




Diarrhea, upset stomach, fever, aches and pains, runny nose, sore throat, coughing – are you having fun yet? No, of course not! You're sick....again!

And why is it that you seem to get sick only on weekends, on vacations or on business trips. Why do you always seem to get sick shortly after the kids start school or the grand kids spend the weekend. What is it about crowds and public places that seem to breed the next bug with your name on it while the guy next to you is untouched. You both breathe the same air, touch the same surfaces, eat similar foods and drink the same water. Yet, you're the one who gets sick. Even more confusing is the fact that you might get sick one time and not the next.

What is it that makes the difference on how each of us responds when challenged? Well, it all depends on your immune system and how healthy you really are when that next bug is looking for a home. Just because you're not sick, doesn't mean that you are at your healthy best. Let's look at some of the influences that can lower your resistance and make you vulnerable. Are things tough at work? Are the kids driving you nuts? Are you just plain stressed out? Are you getting too little sleep? Are you forgetting to eat right? Do you feel tired and run down? All of these things, including the simple act of getting older, have a strong, negative impact on how healthy you are.

I can sit here and tell you to chill out, relax, and take time to smell the roses. I can tell you to get more sleep and watch what you eat. But then, you have been hearing that all of you life and still can't make it happen no matter how good your intentions are. All of us, to some degree, are victims of our life style. We work hard and feel the pressure to get the job done. Meals are eaten on the fly with too much fast food and not enough good food. We only get five or six hours of sleep instead of the eight or nine that we need. If you fit this profile then don't kid yourself. You are not healthy. You are vulnerable. You will get sick. Its inevitable….or is it.

While I can't change the way you live, I can help you cope with how your life style impacts on your vulnerability. NutraSense has formulated a natural immune protein concentrate called ImmunoSense® that can make a difference in your ability fight back even when your defenses are down. ImmunoSense® works for you the same day you take it. When you are traveling for business or pleasure, riding on crowded airplanes, fighting jet lag, eating strange foods in even stranger lands or comforting a sick child in the middle of the night, you can't afford to leave yourself vulnerable. Especially when there is a real time solution…. NutraSense's ImmunoSense®!

ImmunoSense® isn't some herb or plant extract that somehow turns your immune system on or off. It's just more of what your body already makes to neutralize and kill the incoming bacteria and viruses that can and do make you sick. To understand how important this is to your well being, you need to understand a few things about your immune system and how it normally keeps you from becoming ill.

First, over 70% of the bad bacteria and viruses, called pathogens, that can make you sick, enter the body though the mouth and end up in the G.I. Tract. Left unchecked, these pathogens can cause upset stomach, diarrhea, dehydration, fever and even more serious conditions. Fortunately, we were created with an answer to this 24/7 onslaught and it's an answer that we are going to take advantage of. The Immune System manufactures approximately 5 grams of immune proteins that are deposited directly into the G.I. Tract. These proteins have one mission: To kill and neutralize as many of these pathogens as they can. They are the gatekeepers and make up a large part of the defense team that keeps us healthy.

So far, it all sounds pretty good. Our internal Office of Homeland Security is taking care of us…or is it. Remember what we said about how your health can be compromised by stress, poor diet, lack of sleep, etc. Well, any of those conditions can reduce your Immune System's ability to produce the daily quantity of immune proteins that you need. Your personal defense team, that was once strong enough to fight off those nasty, incoming pathogens, is now substantially weakened. You no longer have the immune strength to keep the gates shut and the inevitable occurs… get sick. This is textbook Immunology 101.

In the real world, if you don't have enough manpower to control the crowds, you send in reinforcements. In the functional world of the G. I. Tract, you can now do the same thing. By taking NutraSense's ImmunoSense® orally, you are delivering real time reinforcements. As soon as the immune proteins in ImmunoSense® pass through the stomach, they are on the same mission as your own immune proteins – to kill and neutralize the harmful viruses and bacteria that can take you down. It's that simple. And that's why NutraSense's ImmunoSense® is more effective than any of the herbs, plant extracts and other supplements touted to support the Immune System. ImmunoSense®'s natural immune proteins function in the same identical manner as your own immune proteins. Reinforcement with ImmunoSense® is direct and immediate. You get the benefit the same day that you take it.

NutraSense's ImmunoSense® is active only in the G.I. Tract. It is not absorbed into the blood stream in its bio active form. The very act of absorption denatures or destroys its unique bio activity. What ends up being absorbed is just plain but highly nutritious protein.

The immune proteins in ImmunoSense® have a successful track record. Aside from being very effective in maintaining the gastrointestinal health of young animals just weaned from their mothers, they have been tested for safety and tolerability in infants and young children with no evidence of any adverse effects. Laboratory testing has shown that the immune protein concentrate is effective in neutralizing a wide variety of pathogens, both bacterial and viral. A product similar to NutraSense's ImmunoSense® is sold exclusively through doctors and other healthcare professionals and it has achieved premier status as one of top selling products to this market.

The closest thing to ImmunoSense® is mother's milk except that ImmunoSense® is more concentrated, more consistent, and more readily available. It is also dairy free and suitable for people who are lactose intolerant or otherwise allergic to dairy products.

NutraSense's ImmunoSense® is available in easy to swallow capsules, 90 count per bottle. The recommended maintenance dosage for adults is three capsules per day which supplies 1,110 mg of the immune protein concentrate. However, when you anticipate a high threat level like airplane travel, crowds, suspect food and water, we suggest that you triple the daily dosage, three capsules three times per day. You can do the same thing when you begin to actually feel challenged… itchy throat or stuffy nose or the like. The strategy is simple: Send in the Reinforcements.

At best, you can expect to maintain a healthy G.I, Tract and stay well while others around you aren't quite so lucky. Most likely you will experience milder symptoms and a shorter overall duration of these symptoms. When you used to feel miserable and have to stay home in bed, you can expect to feel well enough to go to work sooner and actually function. Don't forget that, even though you feel better, you may still be contagious. You should continue to take the suggested higher dosages of ImmunoSense® until you are no longer symptomatic.

Since NutraSense's ImmunoSense® is safe for the whole family, the kids can benefit as well. For children under 50 lbs, we suggest a maintenance dosage of one to two capsules per day. Children still nursing should not require a daily dosage of ImmunoSense®. Since ImmunoSense® is not absorbed, it can be taken by pregnant or lactating women. As with all supplements, you should discuss your family's usage with your Doctor. Should anyone have an unusual reaction after taking ImmunoSense®, stop taking the supplement and notify your Doctor.

When you take NutraSense's ImmunoSense® daily and keep it readily available in your medicine cabinet, your office, your purse and your travel bags, you are as ready as you can be to meet any of the day-to-day pesky health challenges that are always a part of life. Because a healthy G.I. Tract lets you absorb more nutrients from the food you eat, you can expect to feel better and have more energy.

So keep on trying to reduce stress in your life, to eat the right foods and to get enough sleep. And when you can't, you've got NutraSense's ImmunoSense® to help keep you healthy. Always remember that you can now "Send in the Reinforcements?"

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